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When starting Ducky’s Prowash, we quickly realized the need for a quality soft washing company in the area. Pressure washing is generally an excellent way to clean hard surfaces such as concrete, bricks, and pavers. However, soft washing is superior when cleaning delicate surfaces such as houses, roofs, and fences. Soft washing, also known as “low pressure” cleaning, uses gentle cleaning solutions to do the work instead of high-pressure water.
Compared to power washing, soft washing uses significantly lower pressure, typically around 500 PSI or less. Whereas pressure washers usually use 3,000 – 4,000 PSI. As you know, living in beautiful historic Mobile, there are many historic homes. The only way to clean and preserve these unique homes is by utilizing soft washing!

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At Duckys Exterior Cleaning, we recognize the significance of maintaining a clean and well-protected exterior for your home. Our expert Soft Washing services extend beyond traditional cleaning to ensure the longevity and appeal of your property.